Where Does My Help Come From?

Whenever I’m suffering from any trials or tribulations, I turn to the Lord. If I’m feeling worried or anxious, I turn to the Lord. When sadness or depression hits me, I turn to the Lord. If I need comfort or reassurance, I turn to the Lord. When people hurt me, I turn to the Lord.Continue reading “Where Does My Help Come From?”

The Secret Place of the Lord

Psalm 91 is right up there in my top favorite Psalms. The more you read it the better it gets. Thinking about dwelling in the secret place of the Lord just touches my heart and my soul so deeply. I am so incredibly grateful for the relationship that I have with Him. There is noContinue reading “The Secret Place of the Lord”

The Lord is My Shepherd

I will begin by saying that I read the Psalms very often. I have read through all 150 of them in order, and now I just jump around and reread my favorites all the time. There is no right or wrong way to read the Psalms. Just allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. IContinue reading “The Lord is My Shepherd”